Summer Camp Must Haves

November 30, 2018

Shorts, tank tops, swimsuits- check.  You’ve got the basics ready to roll, but what are those camp must-haves that you haven’t thought of? Here is a list of a few items that no camp luggage is complete without.



  • Stationary

While we have a one-way email system at Canyon Creek, nothing beats good ol’ snail mail! The lost art of letter writing is a cornerstone of camp life so don’t forget to throw some stationary, envelopes, and stamps into your luggage. With all the exciting activities, evening programs, and new friends you’ll meet at camp, you’ll have plenty to write home about! Packing for a young camper? Address and stamp a few envelopes before your camper heads off to camp so you can be sure that your camper’s letters make it to where they belong.


  • Sunscreen- and lots of it!

We know, this one is obvious. Of course you’re planning to grab a tube of SPF 30 on your pre-camp shopping trip but we are here to tell you that, when it comes to sunscreen, there is no such thing as too much.  At camp, applying sunscreen is a ritual proudly performed three times a day, so stock up! While you are at it, grab some chapstick that has a heavy dose of SPF to make sure you are protected from head to toe.


  • Labels/permanent marker

At camp, you’ll be sharing a room with roughly ten others, so keeping track of all of your things can be tough. One way to make sure that you return home with everything you brought to camp is to make sure your possessions have been clearly labelled with your name.  Either invest in some personalized name labels from a website like Label Daddy or Name Bubbles, or do it the old-fashioned way with a trusty Sharpie marker.


  • Fun bunk decorations

Camp is your home for the next week, weeks, or month so go ahead and personalize your space! Every time you jump onto your bunk, you will love checking out the photo collage you brought from home – showing off your cute dog, or your even cuter little sister! Or, add a cool banner, poster or even string up some small twinkling lights to make your bunk festive! For our international campers, a flag from your country to hang above your bunk is always a great way to show your pride and an even better conversation starter with your new camp friends!


  • Clothes that can get messy

You probably don’t spend most days at home covered in mud, various food products, or powdered paint, but at camp, getting messy is a way of life.  Pack a full outfit that you don’t mind getting stained while making some epic camp memories.  You also might want to throw an old white t-shirt into your luggage in case the opportunity to tie dye arises!


  • A flashlight

When you get away from the light of the city and the constant glow of your iPhone screen, things get pretty dark!  Pack a petite flashlight to help you navigate dark walks back to your cabin after campfire or to play quiet games at night with your bunkmates. Some campers even opt for a headlamp- a flashlight that you can wear on your head. No matter what kind of flashlight you decide to pack, packing some kind of light source is a bright idea!


  • Costumes/Dress-up clothes

Crazy socks? Pack them. Wacky wig? Pack it. Rainbow tutu? Definitely pack that.  At camp, there are countless opportunities to throw on outfits that you normally might consider strange. In fact, at camp, the stranger an outfit, the better!  Between spirit days, skits, and various evening programs, costumes are a huge hit at camp.


As you prep for camp, make sure you are prepared for all of camp’s wild and crazy activities and fun by packing all of these camp essentials. You won’t regret it!