Our Counselor in Training (CIT) program is a great balance between being a camper and being a leader. CIT’s experience a unique program designed just for them where they get a taste of counselor responsibilities while still getting to enjoy and participate in daily camp activities with their friends.

Is your camper a future

Counselor in Training?

The Canyon Creek CIT program is for boys and girls 15 and 16 years of age who have a genuine interest in working with children. CIT’s primarily work with our youngest campers and assist counselors in various activities throughout the camp day. Each afternoon, CIT’s get to join the regularly planned camp activities and participate in our Free Choice Activities. In addition, we plan special group activities for the CIT’s to experience together as we know that part of what makes our program so much fun and in such high demand is the balance of “work” and play. The overall program is structured to prepare CIT’s to become assistant and head counselors and is an excellent opportunity to build and improve leadership skills. CIT’s who successfully complete the leadership program may be eligible for a paid position as an Assistant Counselor the following summer. Enrollment in our CIT program is limited.