Health & Wellness

Whether your camper takes daily medication or gets a bump or bruise while at camp, we have Camp Nurses and staff who can administer medication and provide the best treatment.

Keeping Our Campers Safe & Healthy

We want your camper spending more time enjoying camp and less time in the health center. To ensure the highest standards of health and safety, Canyon Creek has Registered Nurses (Camp Nurses) who live on the premises and will remain on duty at all times. If your camper takes daily medication, our Camp Nurse will administer and log medications on an individual basis. For our campers’ safety, all medications are stored in the Health Center at all times.

Our Camp Mom and Directors work closely with our Nurses to ease the transition for our younger campers and to make sure that all of our campers are receiving the utmost in care.  Hospitals, medical assistance and fire services are all close to camp in case of an emergency.

Before your camper arrives at Canyon Creek, all families must fill out Health and Wellness forms.  This ensures that we have the most updated information on your camper so that they can enjoy their time at camp and stay healthy!