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Pack for summer camp like a pro

Packing List

Shorts, shoes, socks, bug spray - what else do you need?!? Scroll down to see our recommendations of what to pack, what not to pack, and what to put it all in! We'll make sure your camper is ready for everything!

Get to know the musts For Packing for Summer Camp

Packing for your summer camp experience is very important. We make the following recommendations:

Pack belongings in a duffle bag or trunk

Keep in mind that campers will each have one cubby space but most belongings will be kept either under or at the foot of their beds.

Involve your children

When you pack for camp, involve your children in the process. The better he/she knows what they have brought, the better they will be able to keep track of it once at camp!

Don't Pack Expensive Things!

Do not send expensive clothing, jewelry, watches, accessories, etc. Canyon Creek Summer Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen clothing and personal belongings.

Label Everything

Make sure all articles of clothing and supplies are properly and securely LABELED.

We recommend:


  1. 5-6 pairs of shorts
  2. Sunscreen
  3. 2-3 pairs of long pants/jeans
  4. Child-safe bug spray
  5. 2 long-sleeved shirts
  6. Medication, Vitamins, etc. (packed separately)**
  7. 2 sweatshirts
  8. Soap
  9. 1 lightweight jacket
  10. Hairbrush
  11. 2 swim suits
  12. Chapstick
  13. 4-5 t-shirts for weekends/evenings*
  14. Shampoo/Conditioner
  15. 10-14 pairs of socks
  16. Toothbrush
  17. 10-14 pairs of underwear
  18. Toothpaste
  19. 2-3 pairs of pajamas
  20. Lotion
  21. 2 pairs of closed-toed tennis shoes
  22. Deodorant
  23. 1 pair of flip-flops/sandals
  24. Prescription eyeglasses/contacts


  1. 2 standard twin-size fitted sheets
  2. Laundry bag
  3. 1 sleeping bag or bedding
  4. Flashlight
  5. 1 pillow
  6. 1-2 hats/visors
  7. 2 pillowcases
  8. Self-addressed, stamped postcards/stationery
  9. 2 bath towels and washcloth
  10. 1-2 beach towels

Campers will be required to wear camp shirts Monday-Friday.

We will give each camper 5 shirts on their first day of camp. Weekends and evenings will be “free dress.” Laundry will be done on premises halfway through each 2-week session.

Please pack all prescription medication, vitamins, etc. separately as they will be stored in our Health Office.


  2. Discman/I-pod (for bedtime only)
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Books
  5. Skateboard
  6. 1 pair of “water shoes”
  7. Baseball glove
  8. 1 casual/nice outfit for Friday nights
  9. Deck of cards/travel game
  10. Personal items (i.e., blanket, pictures)
  11. Cleats (soccer or baseball)
  12. Disposable camera
  13. 2-3 tank-tops/sleeveless shirts
  14. Swim goggles
  15. Roller blades
  16. Outfit for Special Event Day

The following are NOT permitted at camp:

  • Electronic devices, such as “Game Boy”, radios, etc.


  • Toys, including water guns, action figures, etc.

  • Money

  • “Weapons,” such as pocketknives, etc.

  • Recording Devices (camcorders, Video I-pods)

For campers’ convenience and safety, we do not recommend bringing fishing poles, water equipment, baseball bats, archery equipment or golf clubs.


Please note, any questions concerning items either on or not on these lists for your stay with us, please call camp directly at 661-724-9184.