Camp Inspired Activities

December 19, 2018

Can’t get enough of camp? Are the weeks of summer just not long enough?  Take some of the camp spirit home with you with these camp-inspired activities. No matter which activity you miss the most from your days at camp, we’ve got ideas to keep the post-camp blues at bay until next summer rolls around.


Dying to do some Tie Dying?

Nothing says camp like the glow of fresh tie-dye. Campers leave for camp with suitcases full of crisp, white t-shirts, socks, and pillowcases and proudly return home with bright, beautiful tie-dyed masterpieces. To get into the camp spirit even while at home, grab some dye and spray bottles from a craft store and give your wardrobe a splash color.  You can even opt to go totally DIY and make the dye yourself.  Use brightly colored fruits and vegetables to make your own dye and start creating some sweet designs!


Going Crazy for Go Karts?

Missing the thrill of racing around the track in camp’s finest go-karts? Fulfill your need for speed by visiting your local K1 Speed track and testing out their go-karts.  If you can’t get to the track, grab some friends, your scooters, and some cones and set up a scooter racetrack at the park.  While nothing beats the epic go-kart track at camp, getting some racing in at home is sure to get your adrenaline flowing.


Pleading for time on the Pedal Boats?

Camp’s pedal boats combine all of our favorite things- good friends, sunshine, and adventure. Add a splash of water and you’ve got a recipe for a good time. Although afternoons of pedaling around the lake might seem like a far off memory, you can have some camp-inspired fun at home.  While you may not have a pedal boat at your disposal, grab a pool float and kick some laps around the backyard pool. Get a couple of your camp friends to join in and you’ll be cracking jokes and reminiscing about the good old days at camp before you know it.


Searching for more Ceramics?

We can’t get enough of arts and crafts, and ceramics is one of our campers’ all time favorites. Ceramics is a great creative outlet, plus, it is a perfect time to relax and chat with some of your buddies while at camp. When you head home from camp, you can continue your passion for pottery. Get some air dry clay and start crafting away. Try making pinch pots and vases to start, and before you know it you’ll be creating your own unique clay designs!


Longing for the Lake?

There’s nothing quite as special as spending the day on the lake at camp. The excitement of getting up for the first time on a wakeboard or gliding across the crystal clear lake on a pair of waterskis just can’t be beat. It can be pretty tricky to orchestrate a full blown lake day away from camp, especially during the cold winter months, let your time at camp inspire you to try something new. Put your water skiing or wakeboarding skills to the test by heading to the closest mountain and trying your hand at skiing or snowboarding.  While sliding across the snow might feel a little different than skiing across the water, you might just notice that all of your practice getting up on your wakeboard at camp gives you a serious advantage when you strap on your board in the snow for the first time. Not feeling up to extreme snow sports?  Try snow tubing!  You’ll enjoy all the same fun and laughs as you do when you go tubing across the lake at camp, but just in significantly colder weather!


Starving for the Slip n’ Slide?

Camp’s slip n’ slide is a guaranteed good time, but the good times don’t have to end with the summer.Enjoy a DIY camp-inspired slip n’ slide in your very own backyard! To make your slip n’ slide, stretch out a large tarp in a grassy area and spray it thoroughly with a hose.  Use some baby shampoo to get things extra slippery. Then, all you’ll need is a running start to get slipping and sliding into fond camp memories!