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  • Camp Policies

    Canyon Creek’s mission is to provide a safe, non-competitive environment where boys and girls build confidence and independence, learn teamwork and develop problem-solving skills. With your help, we can assure that this mission will be upheld and all campers will benefit from the camp program. All campers and families should be aware that Canyon Creek adheres to a strict “Zero-Tolerance” bullying rule. While at camp, we talk to campers about respecting each other and the camp environment on a daily basis but if the message begins with you at home, it will be even more powerful. Please talk to your child about bullying (physical, emotional, psychological taunting or abuse) and the negative effects it can cause to all parties involved. Campers should be made aware that they can depend on the Directors and staff to help them feel at home at Canyon Creek by knowing that they are safe and respected. Our united mission must be to support all kids in all environments, including camp.

    Each summer, we are pleased to provide our campers with a Cabin Directory at the end of the session so that they can keep in touch with their new camp friends all year long. Thanks to your positive feedback, we will again be handing out a Cabin Directory to all campers this summer – each camper will receive a list of their cabin-mates, including address, phone number, parents’ names and e-mail address. We are excited about giving our campers this opportunity, however, we also respect your privacy – if you would prefer not to have your information included in the cabin directory, please call camp at (661) 724-9184 and we will gladly remove your name from the directory.

    At Canyon Creek Summer Camp, safety is our number one concern and that includes being prepared in case of an emergency. We have teamed up with One Call Now to provide you with the best possible service should an emergency (fire, earthquake, etc.) occur while your child is at camp. The service works as follows: you will receive a phone call to each number you provided us (home phone, cell phone, work phone) with a personalized recorded message from one of the Directors. The recording will have up-to-the-minute information regarding the emergency and any actions we have taken if necessary. If you have caller ID, the number will appear as “(661) 724-9184 Canyon Creek Summer Camp.” As often as we record a message is as often as you will receive a call! This service is yet another way to assure you that you will be kept well informed of everything that happens at camp while your child is with us.

    To protect the privacy of all of our campers, Canyon Creek Summer Camp campers are prohibited from using recording devices while at camp. Recording devices include, but are not limited to, camcorders and Video I-pods. Any recording devices found will be securely stored by the Directors and returned on the last day of camp.

    Any lost items while campers are at camp will be placed in the Canyon Creek lost and found which campers are encouraged to check each day. Once a session ends, Canyon Creek gathers all lost items and parents are encouraged to call camp to check if their lost item has been found. If found, we will mail the item to you and charge your store account for postage. To ensure that your camper returns home with all of the items they brought with them to camp, please be sure to include your child in the packing process so they know what they have with them and please be sure to LABEL ALL ITEMS (including socks, underwear, swimsuits, towels, etc.). Any unclaimed items after September 15 will be donated to charity.

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