Why California Summer Camp Fairs are GREAT!

February 15, 2016

It’s that time of the year again- camp fairs are coming to town. Between baseball practice and dance recitals, it might be hard to find the time to get to a camp fair, but these fairs are extremely important and useful events for you and your camper. Searching California summer camps for the right one for your kids are a challenge.  Camp fairs offer an amazing opportunity for new and old camp families to learn about and explore hundreds of camps and to enjoy themselves while doing so. Still not convinced? Check out these five highly important reasons for making the time for camp fairs:

Have your questions answered

Whether you are a first time camp family or a seasoned veteran, you are likely to have lots of questions about camp. All campers and parents have questions- and a camp fair is a great place to have these questions answered in real time. If you have questions about activities, cabins, prices, food, or anything else on your mind, the staff at each camp´s booth will be ready and waiting to answer them all. A camp fair is like one great interview where you can have every question, no matter how big or small, answered immediately.

Get to know more than just a voice on the phone

You probably wouldn’t send your child off to a playdate at a stranger’s house, and camp shouldn’t be any different. Camp fairs give you the opportunity to meet some of the people who you might choose to entrust with your child’s safety and happiness. Camps often have directors, managers, or other trusted staff help to man their fair booths, so you will likely meet people who will interact with your child regularly during their time at camp. We can pretty much guarantee that you will feel far more at ease with sending your son or daughter away if you are able to put a face and a name to the voices you hear on the phone or the staff that your camper raves about in letters home. Getting to know some staff members before camp will likely help calm the nerves of both you and your camper.

Survey the options

Although we are sure you have already scoured pages and pages of Google searches and Yelp reviews in search of the very best of the camping world, camp fairs give you the opportunity to have all your camp options in one room- something no search engine can provide. Being able to see camps side by side can help you and your camper to recognize what exactly you are looking for. Camps are each so unique and can vary so drastically- some camps allow campers to live off the land with no electricity while other camps have indoor plumbing and air conditioned cabins. Camp fairs can help you to better narrow down what qualities your ideal camp must have and help you to select a camp that fulfills all of your wishes.

The camp spirit

You won’t find too many places with more positive energy than your local camp fair. Camp fairs exude enough camp spirit to get even the most hesitant potential camper excited about heading off to camp. Camp staff are known for their enthusiasm and ability to turn even the most mundane into magic. Camp fairs inspire excitement for camp for all those in attendance- campers, parents, and even the camp staffs!

Find the right fit

While we at Canyon Creek Summer Camp believe that camp is a great choice for every kid, not every California Summer Camp is the right fit for every kid. Finding a camp that promotes your values and makes your child feel safe and secure is of the utmost importance. Reading a camp brochure might give you some insight on a camp´s overall experience, but it is often difficult to find that perfect fit camp without getting to know a camp through a visit to the camp or at a camp fair. Take your time looking around and speaking with the camps represented at the camp fair and before you know it, you will find a camp that feels just right.

Whether you strike gold and find the camp of your wildest dreams or you decide to hold off on camp for the year, camp fairs are guaranteed to leave you with a fun-filled time for the whole family- and probably some sweet camp goodies. Camp fairs are an unbeatable experience and a great opportunity to get to know a little bit more about the camp world around you. Families new to camp and those more familiar with camp agree that camp fairs are definitely worth your time and will leave you counting down the days until summer!

To find out about camp fairs in your area or to learn more about all of the fun that awaits your camper at Canyon Creek Summer Camp, contact us or email Daryl – CLICK HERE