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The Best Camp Songs

There are seven little words that can completely change the mood of a camp crowd: “This is a repeat-after-me song!” And just like that, a fun-filled song is being sung, chanted, or even screamed by every voice in the room. While at camp, you will hear camp songs ringing out loud and proud at nearly…

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A Typical Day as a Camp Kid

  You have probably heard all about how great camp is, but do you wonder what goes on during an ordinary day? Let’s take a sneak peek into life at camp.   The alarm clock starts blaring bright and early, but instead of hiding under the covers as you do on a school day, at…

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Working as a Camp Counselor to Boost Your Resume

Internships, volunteer work, GPAs, oh my! Putting together a resume is tricky business, but as any employer will tell you, having a strong resume is critical to being considered for that dream job.  With more and more qualified applicants joining the workforce every day, having the same old summer internships on your resume won’t make…

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