Why Looking for a California Overnight Camp now is Important

November 17, 2016

The leaves are changing colors, pumpkin spice lattes are back in season, and summer camp is likely the last thing on your mind. Although the summer seems to be only a distant thought, there is no time like the present to get thinking about summer plans- especially if summer camp is on your kids’ to do list. Getting an early start on finding and enrolling in a great California Overnight Camp is essential to finding the perfect camp for your children and making sure that their camp experience is a positive one. Here are five of the many reasons that starting the search for a summer camp early is a worthy cause:

Secure a spot at your California Overnight Summer Camp

Getting a spot at some summer camps is nearly as coveted as scoring tickets to the Superbowl, so getting an early start on scoping out camps and even making an early enrollment decision is key to success. The popularity of summer camps is on the rise and many camps, especially some specialty programs, fill up long before the summer months. Most California Overnight Camps offer partial or full refunds until late in the spring, so you can often enroll early with little or no financial risk if things don’t end up working out.

 Time to find a good fit

Starting the California Overnight Camp search early means there is more time to get to know the camps you are interested in. Finding a camp that is a good fit for your family is of critical importance, so you might need to interview several camps before making your selection. Scouring websites, talking to camp staff, and even chatting with other camp families are some of the many ways you might figure out which camp is the best choice for your child. Since researching and reaching out to camps is quite a time consuming endeavor, the sooner you get started on the process, the better.

Make time for a visit

Looking for a California Overnight Camp early allows for more opportunities to really get to know a camp- and what better way to get to know a camp than to pay the camp a visit? Most camps allow for potential campers and families to visit their facilities to get a better feel for the camp life before the summer actually starts. Seeing a camp can give both a child and a parent some peace of mind and more confidence when choosing a camp. Even if visiting camps is not an option, attending camp fairs or information sessions are also great ways to get to know camps you are interested in. The earlier you start thinking about camp, the more opportunities you will have to get familiarized with various camps.


If you are looking to save a few dollars, the early bird really does catch the worm. Many camps offer early enrollment savings that could result in a big discount if you get thinking about camp early. Selecting a camp early also often gives you the ability to spread out enrollment payments over several months, which can make funding camp more manageable on the budget. 

Build excitement

Camp is something that children look forward to all year long, so it is never too early to start getting your campers enthusiastic about the summer. Having an exciting summer to look forward to can keep kids motivated at school and throughout their day to day commitments. New campers (and some returning campers as well) will likely be nervous and unsure of what to expect at camp, so giving kids plenty of time to look through camp websites or brochures and to ask questions about camp can help to prepare campers for camp. Both parents and children feel more confident and excited about the summer to come when camp is discussed often and early.

While the summer months are still far out of reach, getting your kids ready for camp does not need to be. Now is a great time to look for camps in order to save money, find the right camp, and ensure that your kids feel confident and excited for a summer away. So take a break from the holiday shopping and start checking out camps- summer will be here before you know it!


About Canyon Creek Summer Camp

Canyon Creek Summer Camp provides a safe, non-competitive environment where boys and girls build confidence and independence, learn teamwork and develop problem-solving skills. We are a California Overnight Camp based just about an hour outside Los Angeles, California.

Our 81-acre complex features prime athletic facilities, state of the art equipment and the ideal setting for children to escape the distractions of city life. Through dedication to our camp families, and steadfast commitment to our campers, Canyon Creek is proud to be among the top California summer camps on the West Coast.