Five At Home Activities for When You Miss Camp

July 19, 2016

You just spent the ultimate adventure at the California Summer Camps of a lifetime with us at Canyon Creek Summer Camp. With the summer wrapping up and if you are anything like us, the annual feeling of being ¨campsick¨ is starting to sink in. Getting back to post-camp life can be difficult when you are constantly missing the fun and excitement of the summer, but the fun of camp doesn’t have to end as the summer comes to a close. Instead, here are five tricks to try when you start missing camp the most. With the help of these year-round activities, you can make the camp spirit last all year round.

1. Take a trip down memory lane

Nothing brings back great camp vibes like looking through some pictures of the time you spent at camp. Flip through pictures you took during your time at camp or check out videos posted of your session at camp. If you are feeling particularly crafty, print out some of your most hilarious pictures and make a scrapbook that captures the best of your camp experience. Show off your pictures to your friends and family to spread your camp spirit with all those around you. Seeing photos and telling stories from your time at camp will be sure to put a smile back on your face.

2. DIY a day at camp

Although camp might be months away, you can bring some of your favorite activities into the comfort of your very own home to get yourself back into the camp spirit. Make a run to your local craft store and grab a tie-dye kit and a pack of friendship bracelet string to get a good taste of some quintessential camp crafts. THIS video will help you in case you are stuck or do not know where to begin.

Build a tent or a fort in your backyard and rock out to some of your favorite camp songs. To top of a perfectly California Summer camp inspired day, make some at-home s´mores. Grab some graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows- even if you don’t have a campfire readily available, try putting your marshmallows under the broiler for a few minutes and voila, a camp delicacy from your very own kitchen!

3. Get outdoors

Not a lot screams out camp spirit like the great outdoors, so instead of missing the summer season, head outside. Camp often inspires a love for the outdoors, so spending some time appreciating nature can get you back into a great camp mindset. Gather some friends and take a hike around your local park or hiking trails. If you have missed out on the daylight, push back your bedtime and head out to your backyard for some reminiscent stargazing. A little fresh air and sunshine can cure even the worst case of campsickness.

4. Keep in touch

Unquestionably, saying goodbye to camp friends is the most difficult part of leaving the summer behind, and missing those friends who live far away can make waiting for the next summer terribly challenging. Luckily, our tech savvy world has made staying in touch easier than ever. Whether your camp friends live close by or are out of state or even out of the country, sending a text or calling one of your camp besties can keep your camp friendships strong all year long. Using Skype or Facetime to video chat your California Summer camp buddies can make you feel like your bunkmates never left your side. Feeling a little more old school? Get out your favorite stationary or some paper and craft supplies and write a good old fashioned letter to your camp friends from afar. Sending and receiving snail mail might just give you some flashbacks of letter writing at camp and can add some serious excitement to checking the mailbox throughout the year.

5. Start a countdown

It is never too early to start preparing for next summer, so get your countdown started! Get out some construction paper and make a paper chain- one colorful loop for each week (or day, depending on your time commitment) until you head back to camp. If you aren’t feeling too crafty, check out It’s Almost to personalize your fun, online countdown that will keep you counting down the minutes and seconds until the summer returns. Creating a countdown can make the wait for camp seem manageable and exciting all year round.

The end of the California Summer camp season can be tough, but bringing some of the spirit of camp home with you can make all the difference. With a little effort and some at-home camp inspired activities you can kiss your campsick feelings goodbye. Start the countdowns, make a few s’mores, sing a couple camp songs, and the summer will be here before you know it. We look forward to seeing you next year. And don’t forget, follow all the off-season fun on our FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM accounts, there is always fun competitions and prizes given out.