25 Things We Will Miss About Summer

November 1, 2017

img_1031-2 As the leaves begin to change colors and the weather gets a little chillier, we can’t help but think of summer and all of the amazing things we miss already. We thought what better way to help us get through these winter months than to think of 25 things we will miss about Summer Seventeen.

1. Tournament
2. Lake Days
3. Chill Campfire
4. Campfire
5. Night Activities
6. Trying to make it through the haunted house without screaming
7. Jet Hawks Games
8. Philly Cheesesteaks
9. Yodi sleeping at the dining hall door
10. Slurpies at 7/11 (or ice cream at Foster’s Freeze!)
11. Spin It To Win It (No Whammies!)
12. Tearing up the minibike track
13. Go-karts
14. Double Pool for Free choice
15. Making the best tie-dye
16. Breakfast at 9:00 (9:01! 9:01!)
17. Spending all session long making the perfect friendship bracelet
18. Dominating the ping pong table in the game room
19. Water fights at the ropes course
20. Seeing your tournament team and randomly doing your cheer with them
22. Laser Tag
23. Pizza at the lake!
24. Building forts with Nature Rob
25. Getting a hug 3 times a day by Camp Mom Jill

Now that we made that list, we aren’t too sure if it’s going to help us get through the winter months as much as it’s going to make us wish Summer started RIGHT NOW!  What are things you miss? Let us know!