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From Caterpillar to Butterfly: How Camp Transforms

You can spot them from a mile away- the shy, overwhelmed camper slowly emerging from the busload of cheerfully shouting kids. This new camper creeps out of the masses and quietly moves to the outskirts of the excitement.  The reserved camper, like a caterpillar, has no idea of what they can and will become with…

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Working as a Camp Counselor to Boost Your Resume

Internships, volunteer work, GPAs, oh my! Putting together a resume is tricky business, but as any employer will tell you, having a strong resume is critical to being considered for that dream job.  With more and more qualified applicants joining the workforce every day, having the same old summer internships on your resume won’t make…

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Camp Through the Eyes of Staff

When it comes to camp, it’s all about the kids and the joy that they experience during their summer away, but have you ever wondered what camp is like from the other side?  What is it like to be an adult working in the land of children? Speaking as a pro, it’s difficult to put…

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Making the Transition from Day Camp to Sleepaway Camp

It’s that time of the year again when making summer plans jumps to the forefront of all of our minds. Although the thought of falling into the same day camp routine as last summer might seem tempting, for many families, it is time to consider sending the kids to sleepaway camp. Sleepaway camp provides opportunities…

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