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Working as a Camp Counselor to Boost Your Resume

Internships, volunteer work, GPAs, oh my! Putting together a resume is tricky business, but as any employer will tell you, having a strong resume is critical to being considered for that dream job.  With more and more qualified applicants joining the workforce every day, having the same old summer internships on your resume won’t make…

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Camp Through the Eyes of Staff

When it comes to camp, it’s all about the kids and the joy that they experience during their summer away, but have you ever wondered what camp is like from the other side?  What is it like to be an adult working in the land of children? Speaking as a pro, it’s difficult to put…

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5 Tips for First Time Counselors

Congratulations, you got the job of your dreams and you are set to spend your summer months blissfully working at summer camp. But for now, with a few months until camp officially kicks off you might find yourself wondering what camp will be like and you might even start to feel some pre-camp jitters coming…

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