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    Best Summer Ever

    It’s amazing what an impact a great summer can have on kids. Summer is all about warm weather, fun activities and making new friends. For working parents, though, the end of the school year can bring worries about how to keep kids safe and entertained during summer break. While teenagers often voluntarily take on a summer job to keep themselves occupied, “tweens” (kids age 10-12) are too young for a job but too old for daycare. Our Los Angeles Summer Camp may be the answer for you.

    Finding the right activities for kids of every age group is the key. One thing is universally loved—that is, getting outdoors!  It’s a fact: American kids today spend more time than ever on their cell phones and laptops and playing video games, and less time outdoors.  This has a significant impact on kids’ physical, mental and emotional health and development. Play is important for physical, social, and cognitive well-being for kids of all ages—from toddlers to teenagers.  But, our increasingly hurried lifestyles are straining the amount of unstructured playtime our kids get to enjoy. The old expression, “Go play outside!” could definitely stand to be resurrected.

    Summer Camp Offers Fun Memories to Last a Lifetime

    Summer break offers the perfect opportunity for kids to join a summer sleep away camp, many of which offer a wide range of activities, from paintball, to water activities like fishing, sailing and kayaking, to martial arts, to photography and arts & crafts. Whatever your kid’s interests, summer camp is a great way to get outdoors, have fun, learn new skills and make new friends.

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